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When did my relationship with storytelling and rhetorical writing begin??

Well it all began when I was sixteen, and a volunteer receptionist at Great Plains SPCA! I fell in love with a snow-white rabbit behind the receptionist counter named, "Cotton"!

white rabbit GP spca.jpg

  I was displeased to learn that Cotton had been living at the shelter for over a year! Cotton also didn't have the advantage of being able to interact with guests the same way cats or dogs were able to. However, I learned that there was a way to help Cotton. You see, Cotton did not have an online bio on the Great Plains SPCA adoption website. Bios are game changers in the adoption process; because they give potential adopters vital information about the animals personality, and care. I asked if I could write the online bio for Cotton, and saw him adopted within a week after publishing it!

I'm grateful to Great Plains SPCA for showing me the power of writing to guide people to the animals that are best for them, and their lives. Today, I see brands in much the same way. Perhaps they may or may not have an established voice, but I can add my own to guide a consumer on the way that a brand is the best for them, and their lifestyle!

I went on to study English and Composition for two years at the University of Columbia, and then went on to graduate with my B.A in Theatre from the USC school of Dramatic Art. Ever since, I have been writing and telling the stories of both non-profits, and for profit brands. Bringing my passion and optimistic attitude to the work that I do, I hope to offer a voice that uplifts and clarifies just what it is that you love about YOUR brand!

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