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glendaleOUT is a grass-roots organization dedicated to building, evolving, and moving forward queer voice in the narrative that is Glendale.

We do this through political action, community building, and social connection. We: participate, event, petition, zine, protest, video, support, volunteer, and we had that Zoom pajama party that one time!

This week glendaleOUT stood in support of the #armeniastrong movement just outside Glendale city hall. Come with us as we go, "behind the scenes", and speak with a member of our glendaleOUT community! Patrick Devarhanian, who happens to be a local high school history teacher, can shed unique light on the history, and current struggle, facing the Armenian diaspora today.

For more commentary from Patrick on his experiences: /tn-gnp-me-commentary-devarhanian-20180705-story.html

#Armenian #glendale #queerhistory #cityofglendale #lgbtqia+ #queeringlendale #california #la #losangeles #queerarmenia #organize

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This chapbook of poetry isn’t just a love letter to Los Angeles, it’s for anyone who has come to the big city from a place more traditionally grounded in nature, who feels discombobulated by the urban sprawl.

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